Branded Beauty Bar beauty salon & lash studio was founded by Blazi Nave in 2018, inspired and developed with Luxury, Artistry, and Beauty in mind for all clients.  Located in Stephenville, Texas Branded Beauty Bar has made it's mark by being an innovative leader in the salon industry.  We do not follow the standard of customer service because we are above it.  Because of our loyal and loving clients, we are able to continually evolve our skills and bring our community an exceptional salon customer experience.  
Our general approach stands apart from all the rest. We know that there is a strong connection between how people look and feel. Our goal is to work with our guests in order to bring together the total person. When you visit our salon you will enter a warm and friendly environment.  Within this caring and nurturing environment, guests can experience an array of state of the art services. Hairstyles, permanent makeup, and lashes are designed to be easy to care for and to be kept in optimum condition. A contemporary, yet flattering look is in demand by everyone. Supportive facial services and make-up care will complete this look. We invite you to come and enjoy the Branded Beauty Bar experience.
Did you know that all of us at Branded Beauty Bar work together to find the best services and experiences for you?  We are a professional beauty salon, with each service provider being highly trained and specialized in their field.  We are proud to offer you the most personalized look possible.  Whether you are on the go and need a maintenance free style, or, you would like to spend the day being pampered- We would love to show you the endless possibilities available! 
Should you wish to try another stylist, we would be happy to accommodate you on their schedule.  With our stylists working on a level system, we have a stylist for every budget! Meet our team HERE.