Meet our Salon Team.  They are trained to the highest standard, and masters of their techniques.  When you visit Branded Beauty Bar, you will discover professionals that take great care in answering your questions and ensuring you feel confident when you leave.




Blazi, an Oklahoma native with a love for the western lifestyle and the beauty industry, is a successful owner and stylist. After attending the Aveda Institute for Esthetics in Dallas, she settled in Stephenville, Texas, where she established "Branded Beauty Bar," a thriving salon known for its exceptional eyelash extensions. Blazi is not only a licensed instructor but also the owner of Branded Beauty Lash, where she shares her passion through her own line of lash extension products. With a commitment to sound education and ongoing learning, Blazi is dedicated to delivering top-quality services and empowering students, apprentices, and clients alike. Her artistic vision, attention to detail, and personalized approach set her apart in the industry, making her a true force in the beauty world. 




Jacqueline, a Paul Mitchell School graduate in 2010, is an experienced stylist who initially worked in Dallas before settling in Stephenville, where she has called home for the past 11 years. Beyond her salon expertise, Jacqueline enjoys pursuing her creative interests outside of work, including jewelry making and baking. She finds solace in spending time outdoors with her beloved animals and cherishes socializing with her wide circle of friends. Committed to staying abreast of the latest trends and advancements in the hair and beauty industry, Jacqueline consistently attends training sessions at Paul Mitchell and other reputable institutions. Trust in Jacqueline's skill, knowledge, and passion for her craft to provide you with the latest and greatest in hair and beauty services.


Permanent Makeup

Kim is a highly skilled and licensed permanent makeup artist with a profound understanding of skin, setting her apart as an exceptional professional. Her expertise extends to various specialized areas, including Microblading, powder brows, full lips, eyeliner, areolas, skin needling, and skin camouflage. With over 300 hours of training and continuing education, Kim has performed over 2500 procedures to date, earning her a stellar reputation. Women from across the United States seek out Kim for her exceptional services, traveling far and wide to have her handle their procedures with utmost precision and care.



Karis, a native of Eastland, Texas, is a passionate skincare professional specializing in facials and spray tanning. With a background in cheerleading and an Associates degree from Cisco College, Karis brings a dedicated and disciplined approach to her work. Her goal is to make people feel beautiful in their own skin, and she achieves this through meticulous attention to detail and staying up-to-date with the latest techniques. Karis values her time with family and friends, and her warm and personable nature ensures that clients receive exceptional service and customized skincare treatments.



Sadee, a native of northern Arizona, now calls Stephenville home. After receiving a rodeo scholarship and attending Ranger College, she discovered her passion for both the western lifestyle and skincare. Graduating from Avalon Institute in Mesa, AZ, in 2021, Sadee became an esthetician, dedicated to helping clients look and feel their best through personalized skincare and lashes. With a commitment to staying ahead of the curve, she continually seeks out innovative products and treatments. Experience Sadee's individualized approach to skincare that sets her apart, and unlock a new level of confidence.



Meet Brooke, your go-to stylist for lash extensions. With a warm and personable demeanor, Brooke hails from Gorman, Texas, infusing her work with both precision and a friendly touch. Beyond her lash expertise, she finds joy in photography and crafting, ensuring every appointment is not just a beauty treatment but a delightful experience.